Baby-J (fuzzy_bunny6969) wrote in bisexualhoneys,

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im new in this community....

hey hunnies! My name is Joleen and im 18. I'm def. bi and i have been out for about 3 yrs. I havent really had too many gfs cuz i cant find one mature enough to date. i am currently in a relationship with a guy and have been for 2 yrs. he loves the fact that i am bi. He is in the military in the navy branch. i also have a 2 and a half yr old daughter. i would like to get to kno you all so maybe i can find me a gf in here that is my age and lives close to me. so feel free to add me and if i like you ill add you. it doesnt take much for me to like any1 so dont get worried. ill prolly end up adding comment to get to kno me better. love yas!!

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